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Advance Gift of Prophecy: Apostle Arome Osayi (Sermon)

by Rhemahub
Gift of prophecy

Prophecy is one of the lead gifts of inspiration. Prophecy is of two types; there is the basic gift of prophecy and there is the advance one. Many people operate in the basic gift of prophecy. The basic or simple gift of prophecy has no predictive tendency. Its characteristics include being an agency to bring comfort; an agency to build faith; an agency to administer assurance.

The effect of prophecy as opposed to the effect of witchcraft which includes confusion, depression, discouragement, disorientation, withdrawal, despair, and defeat. There is an environment where God can attend to a man’s destiny. That involves being in a bunch. It involves not being isolated. However, the devil wants you isolated from a place where you can find assistance, brotherhood, covering, and support. The symptoms of spirit influence, on the other hand, are building comfort and assurance because if you lose in your soul, you will lose on the ground. In order for God to manage your faith, prophecy is critical. It is a boost for your faith.

The advance gift of prophecy takes you into the layer of mystery and of knowledge. Knowledge is informative. There is an aspect of prophecy that is informative, things that can be said and confirmed immediately. There is also an aspect that is a mystery that has to do with the unknown or the future. unlike the basic gift of prophecy which is within the believer’s scope of the ministry of prophecy, the advance gift of prophecy is within the prophet’s scope of the ministry of prophecy.

A prophet must be a student of the word of God. God wants even a prophet to depend on His word. You cannot despise the word of God and be great. There is a lot to this message than can be written. Hit the download button to get the sermon.

Title: Advanced Gift of Prophecy
_ Apostle Arome Osayi
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