Bishop David Oyedepo ||| Sermon: Winning the War Against the Plague

Corona Virus is ravaging every nation of the earth. It is obvious that it is a pandemic that nobody wants. It is a war that must be won. It has impact every aspect of life and businesses. Every economic activity has been shut down. Our children have not been able to go to school and shutting down education is as good as shutting down civilization. It is a very huge step backward. Shutting down markets can lead to famine. Bishop David Oyedepo said “that’s why this plague must stop NOW”. The plan of the enemy is to stagnate humanity by this plague but God who terminated Ebola will terminate COVID-19 before our very eyes.

Believers are called to intercede for mankind at every time of challenge after the order of Abraham, our covenant father. Abraham engaged on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah in intercession before the Lord and God promised to spare them if only He can find fifty righteous people there. For this same reason will God spare the nations of the earth because there are more than fifty in every nation. However, we cannot win any battle with fear. A man is a victim of whatever he fears. We therefore must first of all deal with fear in our hearts because the preservation of human life on earth depends largely on it.

In this message, God’s servant Bishop David Oyedepo of the living faith church worldwide examines the keys in dealing with the evil tide of corona virus. This message is available for streaming as well as downloading. Stream with the media player below and hit the download button to download it. Sharing is caring, therefore do good to share the link on all social media platforms and you be blessing and saving someone’s life. God bless you as you do so. Rhemahub cares

TITLE: Winning the War Against the Plague
– Bishop David Oyedepo
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