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Femi Worship: Carry Me Lord (Music + Lyrics)

by Rhemahub
Femi Worship

Femi Olutosho Joseph prominently known as Femi Worship is a seasoned Music Minister established in God and appointed by Grace to be a diplomat of God’s essence and a sanctuary of love to this age. He is directly situated in Kaduna State, Nigeria. He is likewise the visioneer of WORSHIP AMBASSADORS INTERCESSORS NETWORK (WAIN), whose vision is to raise and fabricate God’s Generals in the spot of love in this season where God looks for genuine admirers in soul and in truth.

This tune “Convey ME LORD” is birthed from a profound heart of defenselessness that longs for the accommodation of God..At this point, I reached the extraordinary end where nobody to go to. Quality has fizzled, companions, cash, and associations have fizzled and the main alternative remaining is the recognition of the wellspring of All assistance which is Jehovah Ebenezer “The Lord My Help” 1sam 7:12.

At that point my heart cries again and again : ” CARRY ME LORD “!!!… PSALM 119:173.

Title: Carry Me Lord
Artist: Femi Worship
Size: 13MB

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Help me Lord… I need Your help….

I cant go without You Lord
I cant move without You Lord
Carry me Lord
Who am I without You
What am I without You
Carry me Lord

I can not go without You Lord
I cant even move without You
Carry me Lord oh bami o
Whooo am I without You Lord
Whhaat am I without You
Carry me Lord {ahh}

Carry me Lord {carry me Lord God}
Carry me Lord {carry me Lord God}
Carry me Lord {carry me Lord O… tongs}
Carry me Lord {I throw way}
I throw way myself
In Your hand {I throw way}
I throw way myself
In Your hand

{carry me Lord}
Carry me Lord
Carry me Lord {carry me Lord God}
Carry me Lord {into Your hands oh my Yahweh}
Carry me Lord {Tongues}
Carry me Lord
I throw way myself
In Your hand
I throw way myself
In Your hand
have tried so many
times, strength has failed me
I put my hope in so many men have
Been disappointed
I need You, You the hope of the helpless
I throw way all my life in Your hands
{I throw way myself in Your hand}
And I leave all my life in Your hand
I throw way myself in Your hand o
I throw way my life in Your hands o
I lay down my life upon the alter
And I lay down my all for You ah
My all for You, my all for You ah, my all for You ah
I lay down my all for You {carry me Lord}

Carry me Lord {carry me Lord God}
Carry me Lord {Baba carry me Lord God}
Carry me Lord { .Tongues.}
Carry me Lord {in to Your favor}

Carry me Lord {carry me in to Your honor}
Carry me Lord {carry me Lord in to Your power}
Carry me Lord { .Tongues.}
Carry me Lord
{Carry me Lord}
Carry me Lord
Carry me Lord {Yahweh carry me Lord God}
Carry me Lord {I can’t do without You Lord… thongs}
Carry me Lord {I need You more, more, more of You}
Carry me Lord
{I need You Lord}
I lift up my head to You Lord
I cannot do it alone {thongs}
Just like a child look up to his father
I lay down my life for You again, carry me Lord
….. .Tongues.…..
I look up to You Lord… carry me Lord… carry me Lord….
Carry me Lord…. .Tongues.
You are the help in time of need, You are the father
Of the fatherless…..i need You Lord…..Tongues

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