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Iwo lo ye (You alone Understand)| Pemisire (Download Music)

by Rhemahub
You alone

Iwo Loye (You alone Understands) is the new beautiful piece and debut single of Pemisire. Pemisire Joyce David (Simply known as Pemisire) is the last child of her family. She is a beautiful singer and she has been a member of Shabach band where Bimpe Ifepariola is the Lead vocalist. She is also the worship leader at Cherubim and Seraphim Church (Christ Gospel Centre, Kaduna). She has been featured in several works including Anu Morigba by Lanray Michael.

Iwo loye (literaly translated as You alone understand) is a song of exhaltation of the Almighty God and the recognition of the mystery of God’s work. This master piece is produced by the veteran music producer, and cinematographer, – Lanray Michael at Sound Oracle studio, Trikania Kaduna. Lanray Michael is one of kaduna’s finest and the CEO of wemsnation.

Iwo loye has been in incubation since 2005, however, there is a time and a season for everything, hence the realeasing of the song this year and on the 25th of June which conincidentally is the birthday of the singer – Pemisire.

paraphrasing the song lyrics, it says – Iwo nikan soso lo ye bi omi se nwo inu agbon (Yoruba Language). This means “you alone understand how water gets into coconuts”. The song proceeded to say “F’oro mi se’yanu, F’oro mi s’ogo, F’oro mi s’ola f’omo araya” (yoruba language) Meaning – Manifest wonders in my life, Manigest glory in my life, Manifest wealth in my life in the sight of the people of the world. The song is followed by a chant that will get you dancing.

It can be concluded that “Iwo loye” is indeed a beautiful piece. You cannot know the taste of a stew with your eyes, you have to take a lick. Download his song with the download button below and do well to share with others.

Title: Iwo loye
Artist: Pemisire
Size: 5MB

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