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[Download Sermon] The Primary Purpose of Prayer: Andrew Wommack

by Rhemahub

The initial purpose of prayer is to fellowship with God. Most times when we pray, the focus of our prayer is on how to request and get something from God, and that is why most of our prayers are ineffective. Yes, God wants to meet our needs but that should not be the main focus of our prayer. Prayer is conversation with God. It is meant to be a tool for communion or fellowship with God.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God. When you love God first, every other thing naturally falls in place. The love for God must be the center of your prayer. not an addon, not a side attraction. We need to fix our priority in the place of prayer. We must put the first thing first.

In this message, Andrew Wommack opens our eyes the the priority in prayer. This message may just be the way to your breakthrough.

This message is available for downloading. Hit the download button to download it. Sharing is caring, therefore do good to share the link on all social media platforms and you be blessing and saving someone’s life. God bless you as you do so. Rhema hub cares

Title: The Primary Purpose of Prayer
– Andrew Wommack
Size: 15MB

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