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Reasons Why People Speak Against others: Dr. Paul Enenche

by Rhemahub
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God has never called anyone to preach people, neither has He ever call anyone to criticize, or castigate Speak against anyone. God called people to answer generational questions. You don’t overcome darkness by criticizing it. You overcome it by simply turning on the light. It is authenticity that always handle hypocrisy. If you have you the authentic, you don’t fear the fake. You just present what you have. If you have solutions, answers and principles, go ahead and simply present it.

It is not a calling to pull down another in other to present a point. There is no call that is unto criticism. Nobody goes up by taking people down. Impactful people face impact.

In this message, Dr. Paul Enenche highlighted reasons why people speak against others. He postulated that people who attack and speak against others are not necessarily interested in the welfare of the others. He categorized them into the following.

  • People with genuine concern: Intentions may be correct but actions may be pervert. As said earlier, the best way to offer solution is to be that solution that you want to offer.
  • Distracted and derailed people: The easiest way to know that a vehicle has left its lane is that it begins to drive dangerously and collide with other vehicles that are on their own lane.
  • People with no vision, mission or message: They make other people their mission, vision and message. They have nothing to say but to comment on what other people has said.
  • People who react to personal failure: they have no traceable impact anywhere and they feel that it is the success of another that make them what they are.
  • Unknown people trying to be known: And the best way they think they can be known is to attack those who are known. The truth here is that what you attack, you cannot attract. What you hate, you cannot have.
  • Victims of envy, Jealousy and bitterness: Even the crucifixion of Jesus was rooted in envy amongst other things. People will contend and condemn because of envy. However, envy has taken nobody up in life. The only place envy can take anyone is down.
  • People with grandiose delusion and other mental health issues: There are people in good cloths, speaking coherently but their minds are completely off. Some nuts are off in their heads. This grandiose delusion can be caused but some factors such as excessive anger and hostility, pressure of speech, histrionic personality disorder (HPD) excessive crave for attention and approval, Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and grandiose delusion or delusions of grandeur. All these terms are well explained when you download the audio.
  • Outright agents of the devil: There are people who consciously or unconsciously have a mandate from hell to bring division to the body of Christ and discourage people from worshipping God.
  • Victims of societal band wagon: They don’t have a mind of their own. They look for what is reigning. They are not candidates of conviction. They follow multitude. They do things simply because others are doing it. To be controlled by the crowd is to be consumed by the crowed.

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Title: Reasons why people speak against others
Dr. Paul Enenche
Part 1: 11MB

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