The Fatherhood of God: Apostle Joshua Selman (Download Sermon)

The fatherhood of God

Every good and perfect gift comes from the father of light. The nature and the character of God that is responsible for the arrival of good things in the life of Christian is the fatherhood of God. The word “father” is the word Abba which means source. The consciousness of the fatherhood of God is the first key to stepping into another dimension of relationship with God.

Jesus changed our perception of God when he said if earthly fathers as evil as they are, know how to give good gifts, How much more our Father in heaven? The father is more willing to give than we are willing to receive. He didn’t spare his own son, what else will He withhold?

The consciousness of the fatherhood of God will take away every fear. The father is the source, he is the sustainer, he is the defender.

In this message, Apostle Joshua Selman revealed a perspective of God that many of us have not paid more attention to. This message will bless your life. Hit the download button now.

Title: The fatherhood of God

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